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Some tips to fully experience our territory and our hospitality
You can just relax and sun-bathe on the beach in front of the hotel or walk on the sandy beach all the way to Marina di Castagneto Carducci, 10 km north, shopping in the pedestrian area in the centre or walk along the new ‘Sailor promenade’ (Passeggiata del Marinaio), with the Sailor’s Statue made by local sculptor G. Talani at the entrance of the Marina. Try one of the beachfront restaurants with their fresh fish or Tuscan specialities and burn off calories along the walking trails (Il Corbezzolo, Il Ginepro) on our hills, on foot, or with a bicycle or even go horseriding.
Hotel del Sole is right in the centre of an area full of historical and artistic attractions, blessed by magnificent nature. We have the archaeological Etruscan sites of Baratti and Populonia with its famous Necropolis overlooking the bay, Campiglia Marittima is a medieval jewel overlooking all the Val di Cornia valley, with a well mantained 10th Century fortress, the Archaelogical Mine Park of San Silvestro and thermal springs with hot water pools and spa in the Venturina Terme suburb.

Bolgheri is 20 mins away with its WWF Oasis and its World Heritage cypress ‘Avenue’, not to mention its Supertuscan wines… Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Guado al Tasso all produced here.

Sassetta is a small village nestled in the woods, a lumberjack’s world, ideal for excursions off the beaten track or a relaxing day in a thermal spa (La Cerreta).

Suvereto has the most amazing view over the hills and stages the famous ‘Sagra del Cinghiale’ (wild boar festival) every year early december together with many other Village Fairs all year around.

Rimigliano is an amazing pine forest along the sea where you can find the ideal beach for you pet’s holiday..the Dog Beach has all the services you and your friendly pet might need.

Again, if riding a bicycle is what you love most, the Etruscan Coast is ideal for this sport with great itineraries immersed in nature and history.
For those who prefer two-wheelers at an amateur level, the Etruscan Coast represents spectacular itineraries by cycling in complete safety in an environmental, historical and cultural context of great value.
Where to Eat
Where to drink
Wineries & Wine shops
Sport & Fun
Art culture & archeology
Ristorante “La Perla del Mare” (San Vincenzo)
Ristorante Pizzeria “Mum and Dad” (San Vincenzo)
Ristorante “Bagno Nettuno” (San Vincenzo)
Ristorante “WINO” (San Vincenzo)
Ristorante “Il Lupocantero” (San Vincenzo)
Ristorante “La Baracchina” (San Vincenzo)
Pizzeria “XchèQua” (San Vincenzo)

Ristorante “Canessa” (Baratti)

Ristorante “Pizzica” (Campiglia M.ma)
Ristorante “Il Canovaccio” (Campiglia M.ma)
Trattoria “Da Ghigo” (Cafaggio)

Osteria “L’CIOCIO” (Suvereto)

Ristorante “Il Castagno” (Sassetta)

Pizzeria “Da Ciro” (Marina di Castagneto C.cci)

Osteria “Magona” (Bolgheri)
Enoteca Tognoni (Bolgheri)
Osteria San Guido (Bolgheri)

Ristorante “La Pineta” (Marina di Bibbona)
Cocktail Bar – Pasticceria – Gelateria “La Fontana”
Fronte del Porto
Jimmy’z Cafè
Enoteca “Mondo di Vino” (San Vincenzo)
Enoteca Maestrini (Donoratico)
Enoteca “Tognoni” (Bolgheri)

Guado al Melo (Castagneto Carducci) visite guidate
Caccia al Piano (Bolgheri) visite guidate
Marina di San Vincenzo Porto Turistico
Passeggiata del Marinaio:
Circolo Nautico San Vincenzo (gite in barca a vela)
Scuola di vela Sud Ovest (gite in barca a vela)
Diving Center
Gite turistiche in Motonave da San Vincenzo “Acquavision” (Capraia – Corsica – Elba – Giglio – Pianosa)
Velo Club San Vincenzo (Escursioni Mountain bike- Road bike)
Percorsi di Trekking San Vincenzo:

Centro Benessere “Riva degli Etruschi” (San Vincenzo)
Centro Benessere “Il Calidario” Sorgente Termale (Venturina Terme)
La Cerreta Sorgente Termale (Sassetta)

Il Cavallino Matto Tuscany Fun Park (Donoratico)
Acqua Village Parco Acquatico (Cecina – Follonica)
Centro Faunistico Parcogallorose (Cecina)
Il Giardino Sospeso Parco Divertimenti (Riparbella)
Sistema dei Parchi della Val di Cornia: Museo di Piombino – Necropoli Etrusca di Baratti/Populonia – Parco Archeominerario S. Silvestro Campiglia M.ma:

And above all a lot of sea!

Hotel del sole
Via della Pineta 28
57027 San Vincenzo (Li)

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